At SAGE, we don’t believe in trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, we are committed to being the best at what we do…and if we don’t believe we are, we’ll refer you to who is!

For over 20 years, SAGE has focused on six core markets, developing the knowledge and expertise required to support the Higher Education, Bio-Tech, Renewable Energy, Industrial, Government, and Real Estate markets.

With thousands of successfully completed projects, we understand the complex challenges within each market and are dedicated to identifying creative solutions for our clients, customized to fit their budget.

Higher Education

Higher Education

The higher education market has a responsibility to its students and faculty to create and maintain a healthy, safe, and compliant facility.

From air quality testing to hazardous material remediation, to green building consulting, higher education facilities need to stay one step ahead of issues by taking a proactive approach to identifying potential problems and developing strategies to resolve them.

With nearly 20 years’ experience working in the higher education market, SAGE has worked closely with some of the top schools in New England. We are committed to keeping students safe and healthy by identifying issues early and strategizing on cost-effective solutions to resolve them.


The bio-tech market faces a plethora of unique environmental health and safety challenges. From exposure to toxic chemicals to bio-hazardous waste management to employee safety, the bio-tech sector must take precautionary measures to identify issues early and resolve them quickly.

SAGE has been dedicated to supporting the bio-tech industry for over two decades. We understand the intricate challenges associated with keeping your employees safe. Whether you are proactively looking for issues or have already identified one, we have the knowledge and expertise to create cost-effective solutions to fit any budget and keep your employees safe and healthy.

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Renewable Energy

The renewable energy market experiences some of the most complex environmental health, and safety challenges of any industry as they struggle to move energy advancements forward.

From environmental compliance to permitting and safety training, the renewable energy market must navigate through various difficulties in the ongoing effort to change our energy consumption habits.

With more hands-on experience than anyone in the industry, including one of the largest renewable energy projects in the Northeast, SAGE is committed to serving as a dedicated partner to the renewable energy market. We believe in the need to solve the energy crisis through sustainable development. SAGE has developed specific expertise to assist energy companies with sustainable environmental practices, while ensuring they are compliant with regulatory issues and are keeping their employees safe.

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The industrial market faces some of the most difficult environmental challenges of any industry. From toxic chemical use to hazardous waste management to employee health and safety, the industrial sector requires a high level of diligence and attention to detail.

SAGE has been supporting the industrial market for over 20 years, and works closely with our clients to ensure their success by quickly resolving issues as they arise and helping prevent issues in the future.

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SAGE provides a variety of EH&S services to local, state and federal governments, agencies and the military.

Our governmental and military assignments include on-call and project specific service contracts with many cities and towns in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island as well as the US Navy, Nat'l Guard and Coast Guard.  We are retained as prime contractors and subcontractors for such assignments as well. SAGE has multi-year Master Purchasing Agreements (MPAs) with states and quasi-governmental agencies. Our 20+ years of government sector experience and expertise continues to grow and attract larger prime contractors to utilize SAGE as a key team member. SAGE is registered with DUNs and NAICS.

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Real Estate

SAGE provides a variety of EH&S services to local, state and federal governments, agencies and the military.

The real estate market requires a diverse range of EH&S services as environmental regulations continue to improve, and SAGE has the expertise to meet the industry’s needs.

SAGE and its staff have performed over 5,000 Environmental Assessment throughout the East Coast, with a focus on the Northeast over the past 20+ years. Assessments range from real estate transaction triggered ASTM, AAI Phase Is, and remediation to state specific Phase I-V such as those required by Massachusetts and Connecticut under their semi-privatized programs.

SAGE has been at the forefront of not only performing assessment and remediation for the real estate sector but is actively sought out by developers, lenders and legal council to assist with scoping and navigating environmental challenges that might otherwise slow or make a transaction un-fundable. We help real estate professionals get deals done.

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