My First 6 Months at SAGE

Becky Raymond, SAGE Environmental Scientist's Point of View

April 21st, 2022

I figured the hard part was over; I was offered a position at the company I had been crossing my fingers for. Being in my mid-twenties, I was looking to build my career, not just add another job to my resume. Needless to say, I was very nervous during my interview with SAGE. I was about to take the leap from my first job in environmental consulting to a position where I’d be thrown into more than I could even fathom. After being offered, and accepting, the position, I realized the interview had been a walk in the park, and the hard work had just begun. I knew SAGE offered so many opportunities for professional and personal growth that I simply could not pass up. And, despite how hard it felt to leave the company I started at, I know now that the real challenge has just begun. And I will continue to be challenged as I gain experience (from successes and failures alike), establish a personal network, and meet challenges with professionalism and innovation. Here is what my first 6 months has taught me…

Stay humble: Someone said this to me in my first few months at SAGE, and it took me a while to comprehend the meaning. SAGE operates as a continuously educating company. It is OK to not know the answer to everything and embrace it. Be honest with what your workload can handle and keep an open line of communication with co-workers. It is so important to stay curious and keep asking questions.

All of our clients are important: Each client is just as important as the next. It is our goal to build a personal relationship with each of our clients and earn their trust. Many folks don’t have the knowledge we do about environmental health and safety, and they rely on us to provide honest answers and solutions that are in the best interest of our clients’ budgets, schedules, and safety.

Start networking: A new job is an important time to meet new colleagues, both inside and outside of your team—and it’s important to continue cultivating those relationships in the months that follow.

Strive to innovate: Every company always wants to be the biggest and the best. Here at SAGE, this almost comes as second nature. SAGE is comprised of a notably younger science staff, (with a decent percentage of women) that is always striving to think 10 years ahead of the game. Whether it is buying the newest piece of equipment, or expanding our office space, SAGE encourages growth. SAGE also encourages personal growth, so it is important to discuss future goals and milestones with your supervisor so they can lend the needed support. SAGE really invests in their employees, and ensures they feel satisfied and challenged to the level they need.

The importance of the job interview would turn out to be nothing compared: to the significance of networking, the critical ideas I would be exposed to the and the unlimited opportunities at my fingertips. It’s arguably even more important to continue exceeding expectations after you join than to impress anyone before you start. The hard work has just begun.

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