Who we are

SAGE is a team of passionate EH&S consultants, dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience to our clients.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience, we have the perfect blend of expertise and creativity to provide our clients with the most innovative, timely, and cost effective solutions to solve even the most complex of challenges.

Our Mission

SAGE is more than an EHS consultant, we are an EHS partner.

At SAGE, we believe in complete transparency. We measure our success by our client’s success. We provide honest answers and solutions that are in the best interest of our client’s budget, schedule, and safety.

Although EH&S issues can be stressful, we believe in working as a committed partner to drive a successful and profitable outcome.

Our History

Founded in 1995 by Rick Mandile, SAGE has offices in MA and RI with staff that have decades of "on-the-ground" experience in all of New England.

Our Team

SAGE is comprised of a team of highly educated EH&S professionals with diverse backgrounds. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous hands-on training within the field to develop the knowledge necessary to ignite creative solutions and solve difficult challenges.

Our team consistently challenges themselves to change the topic of conversation from "what has to be done" to "how it can be done...within budget."

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